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Small Business SEO

Small Businesses SEO

As I have said, once you are set upped and optimized in search engines, you are ready to have more sales for it is relatively free advertising for you. Just like what Yellow Pages did in the previous years, this method will bring in fresh clients to your business every single month. Employing local SEO is a wonderful way to not only categorize your business in local search, but also create a business profile that is authoritative and compelling that will surely be ranked superior from your competitors.

SEO Services For Small Businesses

Are you an owner of a small business? Or just an individual, perhaps an insurance agent or a realtor, who longs for an online presence? An inexpensive and interesting way to your target market and make yourself known online is applying local SEO. The most practical and inexpensive marketing strategy anyone can perform is to get their small business certified and optimized in the new function, which is the local search, of the three prevalent search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

Having verified and optimized in local search function is tantamount to having a pleasant-looking advertisement in the Yellow Pages not so long ago. Unfortunately, nobody looks for products, services, or businesses in Yellow Pages anymore. As a matter of fact, 94% of the individuals are currently turning to their personal computers and/or smart phones to seek for products, items, or services they want. We have a Small Businesses Starter that employs the most recent local SEO strategies that will help you get cataloged and optimized for this current local ‘phonebook’ on all four leading search engines. Once it is arranged, it is essentially a promotion without any charge that permanently remains as long as you continue to be in the business.


Local internet search is the latest and most excellent technique to look for local businesses in your locality or city. With this new ‘Local Search’ function, search engines have now given small and local businesses priority and attention. This new function operates by having search engines perceive the proximity of the location of the searcher, and provides results according to position and significance. For instance, if you search for the word “coffee”, the search engine will display results of coffee shops close to your location. This is a progressive and cutting-edge method for small businesses to have more deals in their neighborhood.

Since you started to operate, have you ever tried to search your small business on Google? What did you discover? Was it the one that you have expected? Have you come to realize how much traffic you’re achieving from search engines? If you cannot answer all these questions, professional SEO services can certainly help.

A frequent misunderstanding committed by business owners is that they think Google has known already how to rank their small business in the results. Unfortunately, the truth is that Google will not be able to make it occur without the aid of suitable signals. SEO needs an unending employment of techniques and strategies if you desire to obtain and keep search engine traffic. In order to decide what web pages should be displayed at every single distinct search, search engines such as Google are considering over 200 parameters. If you are not making these suitable signals, the possibility of competing is very small.

  • Research

Research is essential because prior to any campaign, we have to understand your small Businesses, your target audience, and its interaction. Through this, we can tailor our strategy to fit to your Businesses requirements.

• Content Marketing

Websites are rewarded by search engines by increasing their ranking if they furnish content that has worth to their searchers. You don’t have to worry about this for it is the work of our writers and designers to craft content pieces that will present valuable information that your target audience is searching for.

• Promotion

We provide service that will generate the signals that search engines employ to measure the reputation of a website and its content. It is our team’s job to market your content in significant mediums all over the internet; leading to more publicity and search conspicuity.

• Analysis

We are going to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of your online marketing campaign every single month. Included in the analysis are rankings review, traffic, and conversions. This will permit us to tweak some adjustments on a timely manner to satisfy your goals and objectives.

Pay-per-click can be a remarkably powerful form of advertising for a small Businesses like yours. This will give you the capacity to aim for clients who are constantly searching to buy your goods or services.

A frequent lapse committed by small business is to adopt a set-it-and-forget-it strategy for pay per click advertising. The truth is that pay-per-click is much more complicated and intricate than it appears to be. If you are not properly maintaining your marketing campaign, it could eventually lead to wastage of a significant amount of money.

Our team of PPC experts have built and supervised countless outstanding pay-per-click schemes fitted for small businesses like yours. In fact, our pay-per-click professionals have been Google Adwords certified.
Our PPC Approach

• Research

We will conduct an assessment to both your business and your competitors for us to construct an inventory of core keywords that will aim for you customers who are seeking for your goods and services.

• Advertisement Creation and Optimization

We will formulate advertisements that are intended to allure your prospective clients to make a move. Also, the works your advertisement will be compared to your competitors’ for every keyword collection.

• Targeted Landing Pages

We will bring your potential clients to a webpage on your site that suits to what they are searching for. We will do that the moment they click on your advertisement. This will lead to an affirmative customer background and greater conversion rates.


To assure that your business is achieving the best results conceivable, our team of PPC experts will work together with our array of state-of-the-art PPC analysis tools. We will track your goals, set projections for each month, and present you with reports that are easy to understand and digest.

• Our technique

In just a course of two years, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing have changed dramatically that many digital marketing firms have not keep up the pace. While forming Clear Sky, we leave all the outdated strategies behind, and formulate an entirely new procedure from rubble. The focus of our inbound marketing strategy is to meet the expectations of both search engines and clients, and that is to construct websites and conceptualize brands that are putting more worth to the web.

• We recognize the needs of your business

You have to identify the long-term goals of you business. If you must determine whether you like to create sales, enlighten and instruct, or just stir up discourses. By properly defining your goals, you can aid us in developing an inbound marketing approach that is specific and appropriate to you business’ goals and objectives.

• Be informed more about your market

We can polish our inbound marketing strategy by learning more about your market and target audience. We can identify the things they expect to discover, how can we effectively connect to them, and how can we influence them to make a move. To help you cultivate long-lasting interactions with your target audience, we will write contents for people rather than for search engines.

• Select a specific and appropriate channel(s)

To determine when, where, and how to distribute your content, and make them available to your target audience is considered as one of our most essential responsibilities as your inbound marketing service provider. We also determine the type of content that will efficiently convey your message and gather more leads. To make it easily accessible to your target audience, we will publish it to different mediums that have the reputation and undeniable followers.

• Formulate an inbound marketing approach

To permit us to formulate outlines for focused and significant content pieces that satisfy Google’s LSI guidelines, we implement topic-modeling ideas to keyword selection and content writing procedures.

• Ascertain your online authority

By winning your audience’s trust and confidence, you can ascertain your authority in your particular industry. You can easily do that if you let us help you. By generating helpful and priceless contents, and cultivating healthy relationships with both readers and intermediary publishers, there is no doubt that your authority will be established. To cement your authority in your place and to bring you more exposure, we will publish peripheral content only in those online magazines that have both reputation and audience.

• Monitor your ROI

We monitor the traffic of your website and other web analytics, even the shares that your contents obtain. This will allow us to realign our tactics if necessary, and will help you identify the type of returns to look forward to and direct your attention next. Remember that your initial goals, is the determining factor for the amount to invest and expected return via your inbound marketing plan.
Here it is:

• Keyword research. Proper keyword research is essential to every online marketing strategy. In fact, majority of the success of SEO campaigns is established on keyword search.

• We believe that you must focus on and target one (occasionally two) keywords at each page. That’s it. You have to increase the number of pages in your site if you desire to target more keywords.

• Any content that you yearn to optimize should have no similar content on your site. Don’t worry; we will help you write unique and top-quality content for your site.

• We write necessary and targeted title tags and descriptions. Your target keyword should be integrated in the optimized page’s title tag.

• With the XML site map that we have developed, search engines will be drawn only to the pages have content that are properly maintained and at least 300 words.

• We will ensure that your site loads promptly. Search engines look highly to those faster-loading pages for they deliver the content more proficiently.

• To establish your site authority, we will assist you in generating links from sites with ranking higher than yours. This is due to the idea that once your site obtains more quality back links, your site’s page rank will boost.

• Through formulating press releases and promotion through local business listings, we will help you generate extra traffic sources.

• Your site has to stay fresh and updated for it to rank faster. With that, we will help you update the content of your site on a regular basis.

• With properly positioned phone numbers, contact forms, calls to action, videos, special offers and many more, we will ensure that your site is optimized for conversions.

With this tactic, we take full advantage of the potential of your website as a tool that will sustain your business and boost your sales and profits.

To have an access to our pricing and packages, just complete the form to the right. We will email you for a free consultation and answers to questions you have about SEO.

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