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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management is the process of overseeing and managing a company’s PPC ad spend. This often strategies and ad buys while minimizing the overall expenditure. … PPC management is generally seen as an evolving art where perfect optimization is not possible, but is still the objective. A PPC Specialist manages internet pay-per-click advertising campaigns including the strategy, design, implementation, SEO, and analysis of ad performance. … Keyword research: Understanding how people search for any product or service is a must for a PPC Specialist. PPC lives up to its name. It’s an online advertising strategy in which you only pay when people click on your ad. It’s often considered the “go to” method for online advertisers because they don’t want to pay just to display their ad. They want to pay only when people take action based on their ad.


Real-time Keyword Data

Near Real Time means effectively RealTime but without guarantees of hitting specific deadlines


Scalable Keyword Growth

This allows you to identify new content opportunities or areas where you can shift the focus from one page to another in order to be more efficient and less dilute.


ROI Obsessed Keywords

SEO ROI is a calculation that measures the return on investment of search engine optimization.


Total Keyword Growth Visibility

Visibility can be defined as a metric showing how often your website is found on the Internet. … 

The Speediest Approach To Get On Page One Is With PPC

Majority of Flourishing Businesses employ PPC to Quickly Get the Top Search Engine Rankings – Your Small Business Must be There

Many people are looking for services and paid advertising programs that would make them earn more money. There is this certain service that will definitely have you thrills and excitements by the services we are offering. These are professionals who understand the importance of establishing and maintaining your online reputation. We’re experienced, effective, and committed SEO expert for the job, who will be able to see all these through.


Pay per Click campaigns can have an IMMENSE effect in the activity that your site gathers. More activity for you implies more potential for sales and new clients and that is the thing that marketing and promotion is all about!

The paybacks of PPC are colossal:




• Follow everything that happens with your Promotions
• IMMEDIATELY land on top of search engines!
• You only pay for the clicks you get (i.e. “pay” for every click)
• Locate your website with companies MUCH greater than yours

PPC marketing gives you a chance to pay for the top spots on search engines and allows your advertisements to be shown on significant and prominent websites. The marvel of this is immediate fulfillment! Your advertisements will be shown immediately and that implies instantaneous traffic. This the reason why PPC promotion is an ideal compliment to your current marketing approaches and it particularly aids you to tweak your overall SEO method with concrete information and not suppositions.

Let’s say that you have no idea on how to manage campaigns. What if you don’t know how to formulate advertisements? What if you don’t know how to look for the most effective method on how to re-target or set up bidding? PPC promotion is intricate and multifaceted. You have to have somebody who is an expert about the ins and outs of PPC to handle your campaign. You need that somebody so that you can deal with all the new business you acquire!

More than simply economizing your time, a PPC manager like Page One, can reduce you a considerable amount of expenses. It essentially makes no sense if you pay for clicks that don’t bring new customers to your business. We will create a PPC plan that will get a robust profit on your investment while maintaining the expenses for every click as low as feasible as it can be.

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What’s incorporated in Page One’s PPC Administration?

• Keyword Research and Keyword Choice
• Ad Writing
• Web Page Optimization
• Conversion Tracking
• Campaign Supervision
• PPC Budget Allocation and Management
• Quality Score Enhancement through Adjustments

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